Coloring Letter to Santa Template Printable

Below you’ll find a Coloring Letter to Santa Template that will help students make their most colorful one yet!

Santa Letter Writing

Writing letters to Santa dates all the way back to the 1800s. Originally, it was Santa who wrote letters to the kids, particularly those on the naughty list who needed a little nudge to make their way to the nice list. Then in 1871, artist Thomas Nast drew an image of Santa sorting through mail that was sent to him, and the practice grew from there. Today it’s an part of Christmas for most kids, and also one that parents cherish. It’s a great way to kind of time stamp what children are thinking about at that particular time in their life, and not to mention a fun writing “assignment” too!

This template is designed to get students in the holiday frame of mind, with fun things to color, but leaves the content wide open to what they want it to be.

Look for the button below to download and print your own copy!

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