190+ Easy Holiday Drawings for Kids with Step-by-Step Instructions

If you are looking for some holiday and seasonal drawing ideas, why try to guess what any category might include? A generic menu could mean anything, but little thumbnail sample previews? Well … they say it all, AND save you a whole bunch of searching time.

Whether you are looking for something very specific, or just hoping to get inspired, the little grid diagrams shown below are designed to quickly share a sample of the seasonal and holiday drawing projects available on this website. They are organized by the time of year so you can see what’s good for today, and preview projects for what’s coming up too. One of the best ways to keep students engaged is to find easy holiday drawing ideas that are linked to the current time of the year. Specific holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are easy and obvious examples, but those that are looking for spring, summer, winter ideas and more … are covered here too.

When you do get to a project that you’d like to try out, look for its matching step-by-step PDF tutorial that is included in each lesson. They allow students to work independently and many include a video tutorial as well. They help students build their confidence, practice the age-old value of following directions, and hopefully start a lifetime love of drawing. Stop by often to check out the latest additions – you might find the perfect project you were hoping for!

Below you’ll find Seasonal and Holiday Drawing Projects