Kathy Barbro, Art Teacher

Looking for some fun drawing projects for your students? That’s great! As you probably already know, there are more than a few resources to choose from these days.

Aside from printed books, there are a ton of drawing websites with sketches and videos and diagrams that ALL say they can teach your kids how to draw.

Everything from armadillos to zebras … and about a gazillion things in between.

Some of those online collections are large, some are small, and some look like they were designed by committee, given their random styles and subject matter. The point is there’s a LOT to sort through, especially given that many places just throw stuff up to see what sticks.

And so, dear teacher, let me save you a whole bunch of time and frustration and share why I think my tutorials are the ones that will work best for your students.

Simply stated, it’s because they:
1. Follow a consistent format.
Every drawing tutorial is broken down into nine easy steps, so students can see how the drawing starts and makes a logical progression to the end. Following directions is key to so many aspects of learning, whether it’s solving a math problem, doing a science experiment, or even building a Lego set. It just cannot be undervalued.

2. Are based on real classroom experience.
When you try hundreds of drawing ideas with hundreds of students over many, many years, you can’t help but start to see patterns. Symmetrical simple shapes tend to fare well, for example, while irregular curvy ones, do not. It takes time and patience to find those truisms, but seeing happy and proud students as a result is worth every minute.

3. High rates of success increase self-confidence and an interest in drawing more.
It’s pretty simple, if children judged themselves to be good (or at least competent) at drawing, they are likely to continue and want to learn more. More drawing leads to building more skills, and so on and so on.

I believe that if you help students take the mystery out of drawing during their formative years, you can instill the idea that it’s another skill that they or anyone can improve. And whether that interest carries them into future careers, or just remains a hobby, both options are just as valuable, and both can be just as rewarding.

— Kathy Barbro, Founder of ArtProjectsforKids.org

P.S. For a quick overview of my drawing tutorials, which grows by the day, please see my How to Draw Gallery. Thanks for stopping by!

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